Frequently Asked Questions

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What is SMSPool?

SMSPool is a site that acts as a middleman for your phone verifications, so you don't have to worry about any other third party getting your personal phone number while using ours. We make use of non-VoIP phone numbers to make sure that every service works with our phone numbers.

Why am I unable to receive an SMS verification?

This could be for many reasons, it usually depends per service, but we usually suggest just trying another phone number of ours, ordering a phone number can be done for free. You only pay for what you use.

What are pools in the advanced options, and what do they mean?

Every pool is an independent supplier; some have their pool preferences. Thus, we allow users to select their favorite pool. We always suggest leaving the pool on Default as it will pick the best pool automatically for you.

Why do I get charged more when a lower price is listed?

The price shown to you is the lowest price across all pools. If you want a specific price feel free to head over to Advanced Options and select your pool. By changing your pool, the price will change and show you the guaranteed price you are buying.

Why can I not see my latest orders?

Ensure that the order IDs are listed from high to low. The higher the order is, the more recent it is. To change the order on your purchases, press the # in the table, and it will automatically show the latest orders.

Why can I not refund my order and only delete it?

We automatically refund all your orders that can be refunded; hence it will only show delete when you remove it from your dashboard.

It is telling me I cannot resend. What do I do?

Numbers usually do not stay longer than 1-2 hours in our system, and this only goes for one-time temporary SMS verifications. Rentals will stay in our system till it expires. Make sure to extend it every time before expiry.

What are the services?

You select the service you would like to verify for; for example, if you want to verify a Discord Account, you select the service ‘Discord’.

What does stock mean?

The stock is the number of numbers we have in stock for the country/service you have selected.

Can I reuse the numbers?

After 20 minutes, the resend option will not work; if you wish to keep your number for longer periods we recommend you purchase a rental

My password isn't working.

If your password is not working, please go to the SMSPool home page & go to log in again, if this doesn't work, try to reset your password if there is an email on your account. If not, please contact us, and we may be able to help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions
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  • 2022-02-18 16:21:10
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