SMSPool's Privacy Statement

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What happens to data that SMSPool is processing

Data that we process is stored on our secure database; you have the ability to oversee processed data such as deposits, SMS verification history, and older rentals. This information can be removed manually through support if necessary. All data stays with SMSPool and will not be shared with any third party.

Do you store IPs or information that could identify users?

We do not store IPs in our database although we do store them in our access logs that get rotated (and deleted). We store IPs without any identifying information due to DDoS attacks that we have to analyze and block.

What data do you store?

We store all data that you have entered, although we do not store previous changes. We only store what you provide to us; such as your username, password, e-mail, deposit IDs, deposit amounts, refunds, and your order history

How do we know if you keep your passwords safe?

Our web server runs in an isolated space with nothing else on it. If another site gets breached, SMSPool will not and will never be affected by it. In the worst-case scenario, all your passwords are encrypted in BCRYPT, security, and privacy is the most important to us, so this is one of our biggest priorities.

How do you deal with law enforcement?

Depending on the severity of the case, we usually do not provide information regarding the user. Even if we did so, the information we have on a user is limited. For example, we do NOT store IPs directly connected to the user and will never do so.

Do you use Google Analytics or any tracker?

No, we don't like trackers, nor will we use them.

Will my information be shared with the phone numbers I have rented?

No, your phone numbers are completely anonymous and have no connection to your SMSPool account at all.

Can I delete my account information?

Yes. Feel free to send us an e-mail at [email protected], and we will process your deletion.

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