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How to become a SMSPool affiliate

  • By Admin

What is an affiliate system?

An affiliate system is a system where you get rewarded for referring other users to our service; referring users can be done in many ways, such as simply sending your promo code to your friends, writing articles, or even making videos with your promo code in it.

Why should I participate?

If you know someone who might need a good service for their SMS verifications or non-VoIP rentals, you can be rewarded for recommending them to our site. We offer a flat 5% reward for all their SMS verifications for up to 3 months. That means you will get 5% of whatever they spend! You can then withdraw this money to your balance to use it yourself.

How can do I use a referral code?

Upon registering there is a option for an affiliate code, fill this in with the code you have received from your refferer. After entering the referral code, your referer will now receive 5% of all your spending! If your refferer sent you a referral link, it should be filled in automatically into the form. 

Where do I sign up?

Register an account at SMSPool and start immediately on our affiliate page. Ensure you are registered; the page does not work without an account.

What are good ways to promote my code?

To maximize your earnings, we suggest a few things that can bring in a lot of traffic to your promo code.

Writing an article

Writing an article on, for example, publishing on medium to promote your code is a way to gain traffic easily. You could even write your blog and include the promo code.

Writing a guide

Know some tricks that need SMS verifications? Write a guide and let people know they can use your code whenever they need SMS verifications.

Making a video

YouTube brings a lot of traffic. For example, making videos on how to verify a certain site could be a fast way to gain traffic to your promo code.

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