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Free Carrier Lookup is a service provided by SMSPool in order to find out what mobile carrier is being used on a phone number. Our database gets updated every day so the results may not be 100% accurate, although it is a good indicator to determine whether a phone number is VoIP or not.

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Fill in the phone number with the country code included. For example, if you are in the United States, you would enter your phone number as 1234567890 without the + added in front of your phone number.


Frequently Asked Questions

A phone carrier is a company that provides you all the necessary service in order to get a cellphone service within a geographical area. For example: Lycamobile.
VoIP phone numbers are usually provided over the internet, where as non-VoIP phone numbers are usually tied to physical sim card. This can be seen in the carrier type.
Some services won't allow you to use a VoIP number on their platform, this is due to the high availability of VoIP phone numbers and thus the higher chance of them being bots.
The biggest VoIP carrier at the moment is Bandwidth.com, you can see this under "carrier" and also by looking at the carrier type. If it says it's a fixed line instead of mobile; it usually means that it is a VoIP phone number.
We at SMSPool provide our users with only non-VoIP phone numbers. Our suppliers are carefully vetted to maintain quality over our phone numbers.
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