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How to get a Happn SMS verification

  • By Admin

Before we begin creating your account process, introducing the Happn app is crucial. Many people have missed a chance to have a date when they met someone they like, however, it was but a passing moment in a particular location. Do you want to meet the person you'd like to meet? Happn is probably the best in searching for that person. Unlike other dating apps that show users in a wide area, Happn focuses on matching individuals who have been in the same vicinity recently. 

Now, what Happn does is use a combination of GPS location data and real-time proximity to enable connections between users who cross paths in their daily lives. 

How Happn operates:

  • Location tracking: Happn tracks your GPS using your mobile device's location, of course, if you allow the Happn to use your location device.
  • Profile: Happn uses a profile-based search when every time Happn user passes by each other, their profile shows up on your timeline, of course, if you're using the Happn app and leave it open or running in the background.
  • Like profile: If you find someone interesting, you can 'like' their profile by tapping a heart icon. If the other person also 'likes' your profile, then it’s a match.
  • Match and Crush: A "Crush" occurs when two people mutually like each other’s profiles in Happn. Once a crush is formed, both users are notified and can start chatting directly in the app.
  • Chatting: After matching with someone, you can begin a chat within Happn’s chat feature. This allows both people to get to know each other better and even arranging a meeting in person is possible.

Benefits of using Happn

Search feature: 

Happn uses your device location to identify people who use Happn to automatically show on your profile when it's running in the background.

Unique Approach:

Unlike any other dating app, Happn uses a unique approach that focuses on a real-life encounter or crossing paths with other people.

Privacy and Safety:

Of course, Happn would not reveal your exact location in real-time. Instead, it shows the area where you crossed paths, securing your privacy while still encountering meaningful connections.

Real-life connection:

Happn connects you with people you've crossed paths with in your daily life, making the matches of you and other people feel more real and literal. You won't need to search in every location where you met that person. As long as that person is using the Happn app, you are destined to each other.

There should be more of these benefits but let's stop there. for you to be able to know more about this app, you should discover the wonder of this app on your own. let's move on to the next step. However, there is security in everything, A Happn SMS verification code is needed before you are fully able to create an account, this method is only available when you are feeling uncomfortable sharing your personal phone number in the app or feel that the other user would make a move that would partially disturb your normal daily life, SMSPool offers you a phone number for a Happn account without needing your real number to be inputted in Happn account.

How to create a Happn account

The steps are straightforward; follow the steps below for you to fully access the app without needing to use your personal phone number for the Happn verification code. Follow the steps below for your account creation process.

What you need to create a Happn account:

  • $0.24 on your SMSPool account
  • Download the app from the official sources: Play Store or App Store
  • A phone number or SMSPool number

Go to the Play Store or App Store

  • The logo of the app should match the screenshot below to avoid downloading other unofficial apps.
  • Now click install.









SMSPool service

  • After you have downloaded the app, Happn requires you to enter your phone number. but it seems you have other thoughts thinking is this app safe? I got you covered for that, let me recommend you to SMSPool. With SMSPool, you can order a phone number for a Happn account, the process is pretty quick and pretty easy. 
  • What SMSPool does is when you order a phone number, SMSPool presents you a valid virtual number for a one-time code, you copy the number and enter it in Happn then wait for a minute, worst you have to wait for 3 minutes but that's not bad.
  • But first, to verify your Happn account, please make sure you have a balance on your SMSPool account.

Follow the procedure below on how to order a phone number from SMSPool:

  • The country is where you currently in.
  • The service must be Happn; do not choose any other service.
  • Click quick purchase; copy the virtual phone number that SMSPool presents you.

Enter your phone number

  • The phone number you copied, paste it into the Happn app.
  • Phone number from SMSPool is used to verify your Happn account

  • The next step is to wait for a second.

Pending SMS Code

  • To view your pending SMS, click here. your SMS verification code will arrive in seconds or some cases, it will arrive in a minute to 3 minutes.

Receive SMS Code

  • Receive your SMS Verification code here. Copy the code under the code tab.

  • The Happn SMS verification code must be entered into the app.

Enter your basic information

  • Fill in your basic information, that should be easy and be done in a minute for you; 
  • And that was it! it was pretty easy and understandable right?

Do you want your profile to be discovered easily by people? or spread your profile to other users? might as well use ‘Boost your profile’. With Boost, you can spread your name through other Happn users and it should be not limited to just spreading. make sure to explore the app after you are done creating your Happn account.

Did you not receive your code?

How odd! The results should be within our expectations. but If you have a problem receiving your code, let's solve that issue using the list I provided below.

  • Make sure you fill in your number correctly.
  • Make sure the number is based on where you're currently in; sometimes, it will not work. If the problem persists, use a VPN.
  • Make sure you do not exit the Happn app before even receiving the code from SMSPool.
  • You must not download the Happn app from unknown sources; there are cases where the app is modded.
  • Please make sure you do not create many accounts; your device may be flagged.

If the issue persists, open a ticket from your SMSPool account. Don't worry! We are quick to respond to your inquiries, no matter what.

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