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How To Get a US Phone Number

  • By Admin

Obtaining a US phone number can serve various purposes, ranging from facilitating communication while abroad to meeting identity verification requirements for online services. This article will delve into the different methods available for acquiring a US phone number, addressing the needs of both US residents and non-residents. Each method has its unique set of advantages and disadvantages, allowing you to choose the approach that aligns best with your specific circumstances and preferences.


Registering with a US-Based Carrier:


If you are a US resident, signing up with a US-based carrier is a straightforward way to secure a US phone number. The primary advantage is the universal functionality of your phone number without the limitations associated with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). However, there are certain downsides to consider:





  • Works globally without VoIP restrictions.




  • Requires ID verification and US residency.
  • Involves contractual commitments with carriers.
  • Monthly subscriptions can be financially burdensome.

Virtual Phone Number with VoIP Carrier (e.g., Google Voice):


For both US residents and non-residents, opting for a virtual phone number through a VoIP carrier like Google Voice is a popular choice. This method offers simplicity in the registration process, customization options, and accessibility from anywhere. Nevertheless, there are some drawbacks to be aware of:





  • No technical expertise required for registration.
  • Quick and straightforward sign-up process.
  • Customizable area codes are available.
  • Completely free with no monthly charges.
  • Accessible from any location.




  • Requires a non-VoIP number for registration.
  • Some websites may block VoIP numbers.
  • Registration is limited to the US.
  • A Google account is necessary for Google Voice usage.

SMS Verification Service:


An alternative approach, especially suitable for non-US residents, is to utilize an SMS verification service. This third-party service, such as SMSPool, acts as a temporary carrier for receiving SMS verifications on their phone number. While this method offers flexibility and convenience, it also comes with its own set of pros and cons:





  • Protects your identity during verification.
  • Non-VoIP numbers work globally.
  • No contractual obligations; cancel anytime.
  • Affordable options for one-time verifications.
  • Accessible through websites or mobile apps.




  • Limited ownership of the phone number.
  • Potential monthly subscription costs.
  • Restricted to receiving SMS, no sending or calling capabilities.

How To Receive US Number For SMS Verifications on SMSPool


1. Go to https://www.smspool.net/


2. Click on “Register now”



3. Once registered, you will be on the SMSPool platform, on the “Dashboard page”



4. Click on “Order”



5. Scroll down, until you see “Configure order”.



6. In the “Country” bar, select “United States”.



7. In the “Service” bar, select which service you would like to use. For this example, we will use “1688”.



8. All that is left to do is choose how many numbers you want to order and what your budget is.



9. Then, click on “Quick Purchase”



Voila! Give it a few seconds to process and you are done!



Your order will now be active. You will see your new US number at the top of the page in this section:



Comparative Analysis


To make an informed decision, let's compare the methods based on several factors:




  • US-Based Carrier: Generally secure but requires personal information.
  • Virtual Phone Number (e.g., Google Voice): Offers privacy advantages, as it's a virtual number.
  • SMS Verification Service: Balances privacy with the use of third-party services.



  • US-Based Carrier: Works globally without VoIP restrictions.
  • Virtual Phone Number (e.g., Google Voice): Accessible from anywhere.
  • SMS Verification Service: Provides global accessibility for receiving SMS.



  • US-Based Carrier: Monthly subscriptions and potential additional fees.
  • Virtual Phone Number (e.g., Google Voice): Free with no monthly charges.
  • SMS Verification Service: Variable costs depending on usage.

Ease of Use:


  • US-Based Carrier: Straightforward for residents, but may involve contracts.
  • Virtual Phone Number (e.g., Google Voice): Simple registration process.
  • SMS Verification Service: Easy to use, no complex procedures.



  • US-Based Carrier: Limited to residents and contractual obligations.
  • Virtual Phone Number (e.g., Google Voice): Flexible usage and customizable features.
  • SMS Verification Service: Flexibility in usage and subscription terms.



The choice of acquiring a US phone number depends on your specific needs and preferences, balancing factors such as privacy, accessibility, cost, ease of use, and flexibility. For enhanced privacy, especially for non-residents, online SMS verification services or virtual phone numbers like Google Voice are recommended. These options provide disposable numbers, minimizing the risk of sharing personal information with websites.


While each method comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages, carefully considering your requirements will help you make an informed decision. Whether you prioritize privacy, cost-effectiveness, or global accessibility, there is a method that aligns with your preferences, allowing you to secure a US phone number with ease.

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