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How to Get Netflix SMS Verification

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Netflix, founded in 1997 by Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph, has revolutionized entertainment consumption. Originally a DVD rental-by-mail service, it evolved into a digital streaming giant, offering subscribers a vast library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and original content.

With a mission to provide a personalized streaming experience, Netflix allows users to choose what they want to watch, when they want. Its user-friendly interface, personalized recommendations, and ad-free content have garnered millions of subscribers worldwide.

Netflix's original productions, recognized globally, have solidified its position in the entertainment industry. As of 2021, it continues to redefine how audiences access and enjoy entertainment, offering a diverse range of content and expanding into interactive experiences. Netflix remains a leading force in the digital entertainment landscape, providing unparalleled convenience and choice in the viewing experience.

Is it wise to provide my phone number for Netflix SMS verification?

Many individuals refrain from using their personal phone number when registering with Netflix due to concerns surrounding privacy, security, and personal preferences. Consider the following factors:

Privacy Considerations:

Sharing your personal phone number on Netflix may expose you to unwanted marketing messages or promotional calls, prompting users to keep this information confidential to mitigate potential privacy infringements.

Security and Verification:

Using a personal phone number poses security risks, especially if linked to other online accounts. Employing a dedicated or secondary phone number introduces an additional security layer, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or hacking attempts.

Anonymity and Pseudonymity:

Certain users prefer a level of online anonymity or pseudonymity. Utilizing an alternative phone number enables individuals to create an account without directly connecting it to their personal identity.

Why choose a temporary virtual phone number for Netflix SMS verification instead?

Opting for a temporary virtual phone number offers numerous advantages, making it a practical choice in various situations. Consider the following compelling reasons to use a temporary virtual phone number:

Protection of Privacy:

Ensure the protection of personal information and minimize the risk of receiving unwanted spam.

Enhanced Security:

Add an extra layer of security to online interactions, effectively reducing the likelihood of hacking attempts.

Anonymity and Pseudonymity:

Maintain online anonymity or pseudonymity without compromising your identity.

Effective Account Management:

Organize distinct online profiles for various engagements with ease.

Ideal for Short-Term Transactions:

Perfect for one-time transactions, avoiding the commitment of a long-term association.

Preventing Unwanted Communication:

Establish a dedicated communication channel, discard after use, and prevent prolonged communication.

Global Accessibility:

Access services internationally without being constrained by geographical limitations.

How to get a temporary virtual number for Netflix SMS verification through SMSPool

Go to Netflix.com and click on "Sign Up". Once you have entered your general account information you will need to enter a phone number in the “Settings” tab and verify it. 




That is where SMSPool comes in.


1. Go to https://www.smspool.net/


2. Click on “Register now”

3. Once registered, you will be on the SMSPool platform, on the “Dashboard page”

4. Click on “Order”

5. Scroll down, until you see “Configure order”.

6. In the “Country” bar, select the country you want to buy a phone number for. In this example, we are using the United Kingdom

7 Now you want to look for the "Service" tab. Click on it and select Netflix. 

8 Click on “Quick Purchase”



You are done purchasing your virtual phone number!

On the right side of your screen, you will see your new phone number pop up under "Pending SMS"


Now all you have to do is enter your new virtual number into the correct tab on the Netflix sign-up page and click “Verify”. 



Navigate back to SMSPool and your OTP will be waiting for you under the “Code” column. When it appears, it will look like this:



Paste your OTP into the OTP bar on the Netflix sign-up page and you are ready to start binge watching your favorite series!

Why haven't I received SMS verification from Netflix?

Unsupported Number Type:

Netflix may not support specific virtual phone numbers or VoIP numbers for SMS verification. Verify that you are using a valid and recognized virtual phone number to ensure compatibility.

SMS Delivery Challenges:

Virtual phone numbers may encounter delays or challenges in SMS delivery. Explore the option of attempting the verification with an alternative virtual number to address potential delivery issues.

Geographical Limitations:

The effectiveness of the phone number can be influenced by geographical restrictions. For example, a Russian phone number may have a lower probability of functioning in the US compared to a US phone number. Confirm that the virtual number aligns with the geographical requirements for optimal verification success.



Netflix, founded in 1997, has transformed into a global streaming giant, offering diverse content and innovative experiences. Privacy and security concerns lead many to hesitate providing their personal phone numbers for verification on the platform. As an alternative, a temporary virtual phone number from SMSPool provides a practical solution, offering advantages like privacy protection, enhanced security, and effective account management.


To obtain a temporary virtual phone number through SMSPool, users can register on the platform, select the desired country and service (e.g., Netflix), and complete a quick purchase. However, users should be aware of potential challenges, such as Netflix not supporting specific virtual numbers or VoIP numbers for SMS verification, SMS delivery delays, and geographical limitations.


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