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How to use the SMSPool API

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What is an API?

An API (application programming interface) can easily communicate with our servers. You can connect it to your desired program and create your functionality within our APIs using the API. 

How do I use the SMSPool API?

Our endpoint is usually: https://api.smspool.net/ and is free of charge to use. It does not cost any money. SMSPool will provide you with a 32-character long API key attached to all your purchases, orders, and rentals upon registering. Please do NOT share this with anyone, as it could give users access to all your orders and balance.

All API requests can be done in both GET or POST, unless said otherwise and all responses are in JSON

What are the API endpoints?

All API endpoints are listed below, and it's listed logically from step one to get your SMS verifications.

Where can I find the SMSPool API?

All our API documentation has been moved to Postman

Do you have an SMS-activate API?

Yes, you can use our SMS-activate API by using this endpoint instead: https://api.smspool.net/stubs/handler_api

Press here to be redirected to Postman or download our Postman collection


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