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Discord not sending SMS verification code

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What is Discord?

Discord is a VoIP messaging system released in 2015, originally created in order to solve the creator's problem of the lack of organization when it came to other messaging systems, they preferred a more clean and organized messaging system where communities could be built upon. In a short time Discord managed to create a massive userbase followed by $150m in funding within 3 years of its launch, with around 150 million active users as of 2022.

Why is Discord not sending me an SMS verification code?

A common issue has occurred where specific Discord accounts could not receive any SMS verification code, even with their mobile number or with our numbers. This is due to a new system that Discord has set in place to fight botters due to the increasing amount of DM spamming that has been occurring on Discord. We usually suggest trying again in 5 minutes again, if that doesn't work you might have been ghost blocked.

What is a ghost block exactly?

A ghost block means that Discord has flagged your account but is not giving you any information regarding why they are not sending an SMS verification or giving hints that you are being blocked by them, this is to mislead an illegitimate user as much as possible so they can not figure out what exactly is going on, or what has caused it.

How do I prevent a ghost block and receive a Discord SMS verification?

Make sure your phone number is located in the country you are residing in; for example, if you live in Germany, you should have a German phone number to verify your account. If not, you can always try a US number to verify your account, then try to verify your Discord on your phone while using mobile data such as 4G, and try verifying then.

How long does it take to get an SMS verification from Discord?

It usually takes less than 20 seconds to receive your SMS verification code from Discord, although this can sometimes take up to two minutes.

I still cannot receive any SMS verification codes from Discord

This means your account is completely blocked. You should register a new account in incognito using your mobile data and try verifying it with SMSPool, and you can do this by heading to the order page and selecting the US as country and Discord as service. This should usually work, if not; feel free to view our more detailed guide regarding verifying your Discord account here.

My mobile data is being blocked too. What do I do now?

You can use ProxyApp to buy a residential proxy for Discord which will mask your IP. This is guaranteed to work.

List of common errors

Here is a list of common errors that Discord sometimes sends out when they have detected something.

Your account has been quarantined

This is usually when your account has unusual activity while remaining unverified, such as sending too many users a private message in a short amount of time or joining too many servers at the same time. This could also be caused by a shared IP that has too many accounts attached to it.

Why did I get blocked?

  • Sending too many messages to many people in a short timespan
  • Joining too many servers in a short timespan
  • Not verifying your e-mail or phone number and doing the following above
  • Mass private messaging too many users
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