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How to get a Discord SMS verification

  • By Admin

Using our service for your Discord SMS verification is very easy and can be done in less than ten steps. An important tip for Discord is that it may sometimes tell you the code is wrong or that the phone number is invalid. This can be caused by having a bad IP that has registered too many accounts. Make sure you either use 4G or a proxy to proceed.

What do I need to get an SMS verification?

Make sure you're registered at SMSPool and have enough balance. Around 2 dollars will be plenty. A Discord verification cost will not cost you more than 0.06 cents for a US SMS verification. Not sure about paying for a premium service?

Feel free to use our free SMS verifications, be warned that everyone can use this number.

How do I create a Discord account?

Head over to the Discord website or mobile app to start your registration; Discord will sometimes ask you for an SMS verification immediately. If this happens, you can skip steps 3 and 4.

  • Where can I verify my phone number?
    You will create an account and head over to settings, bottom left, gear.

Where can I fill in my phone number?

You will see 'My Account' then 'Phone Number' and then press Add, a new screen will pop up asking for a phone number. Select your country and proceed to the next step.

How do I order a phone number?

Redirect yourself to SMSPool Order Page and select the service, Discord, then as a country make sure you select the country you are currently in. If this doesn't work, select the US and try registering then.

Retrieving the phone number for your Discord SMS verification

Retrieve the phone number, copy and paste it into the Phone Number section on the Discord app or site, then press the Send button on the Discord page to send the code.

  • Where can I find the code in order to verify my Discord account?
    Redirect yourself back to SMSPool, get the Discord SMS code you received on the order page, and copy it. It should take less than 30 seconds to receive your code.

Entering the SMS code and finalizing your registration

Enter the SMS code that you have copied from step 7 and fill it in onto the page.

It was that easy. In less than nine steps, you can get your Discord account verified and secure!

Need assistance, or are you unable to receive a code?

Feel free to contact us here, and we will assist you with your problem as soon as possible to provide you with the most satisfying experience possible.

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