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What is SMSPool?

SMSPool is a site that acts as a middleman for your phone verifications, so you don't have to worry about any other third party getting your phone number while using ours. We use non-VoIP phone numbers to ensure that every service works with our phone numbers.

Why am I unable to receive an SMS verification?

This could be for many reasons; it usually depends on the service selected, but we suggest just trying another phone number of ours. Ordering a phone number can be done for free. You only pay for what you use.

What are pools in the advanced options, and what do they mean?

Every pool is an independent supplier; some have their own pool preferences. Thus, we allow users to select their favorite pool. We always suggest leaving the pool on Default as it automatically picks the best pool for you.

Why do I get charged more when a lower price is listed?

The price shown to you is the lowest price across all pools. If you want a specific price, head to Advanced Options and select your pool. By changing your pool, the price will change and show you the guaranteed price you are buying.

Why can I not see my latest orders?

Ensure that the order IDs are listed from high to low. The higher the order is, the more recent it is. To change the order on your purchases, press the # in the table, and it will automatically show the latest orders.

Why can I not refund my order and only delete it?

We automatically refund all your orders that can be refunded; hence, it will only show delete when you remove it from your dashboard.

It is telling me I cannot resend. What do I do?

Numbers usually do not stay longer than 1-2 hours in our system, and this only goes for one-time temporary SMS verifications. Rentals will stay in our system till it expires. Make sure to extend it every time before expiry.

What are the services?

You select the service you want to verify for; for example, if you want to verify a Discord Account, you select the service ‘Discord’.

What does stock mean?

The stock is the number of numbers we have for the country/service you selected.

Can I reuse the numbers?

After 20 minutes, the resend option will not work; if you wish to keep your number longer, we recommend purchasing a rental.

My password isn't working.

If your password is not working, please go to the SMSPool home page to log in again; if this doesn't work, try to reset your password if there is an email on your account. If not, please get in touch with us, and we may be able to help you.

How long does a phone number usually stay in your system?

This depends on the supplier and the country listed; for most suppliers, phone numbers stay up to 24 hours within our system. For the US - Pool 7/Foxtrot numbers usually last 3-5 days, although this is not guaranteed. We recommend ordering a rental in case you need a phone number for a longer period.

When I buy a phone number, will someone else get access to it?

It's disposed of; within our system only. When a number is inactive for a longer period, the carrier may recycle the phone number which means someone else can get access to it. To prevent this we would recommend ordering a long-term phone number rental which remains active in our system as long as you extend it.

How do I receive another code for the phone number I previously used? 

Please try using the resend option on SMSPool; we have a full guide on how to resend.

Are you VPN/TOR friendly? 

Yes, we do not block VPNs or TOR. We believe privacy is a human right.

Which countries do you offer? 

We offer over 50 countries including the UK, USA, Netherlands, Russia & more. You can view the current list of our countries on our homepage.

Do you use trackers/analytics?

No, we do not use any trackers or analytics; for more information, you can view our privacy statement.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, as long as you have deposited within 14 days and if your balance hasn’t been partially spent.

Do you KYC? 

No, we do not KYC & we do not require email on signup.

Do you have an Android App?

Yes, you can download our app from either the Google Play or the Aurora store or install our APK.

Do you have an iOS app?

Yes, you can download our app on the App Store.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept cards, cryptocurrency, perfect money, and iDEAL

Do you offer temporary numbers and rental numbers?

Yes, we offer temporary numbers that are usually for one-time use only but also offer the possibility to re-use but we also offer rental numbers that start at $10/mo.

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