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How to get a Bumble SMS verification

  • By Admin

Bumble was established in December 2014 and functions as a dating app and social media site. Since its debut, it has grown in popularity with people looking for relationships, friends, and even business ties. One of Bumble's distinctive features is the need for women to initiate a discussion with potential matches. Women can now have more control over their online dating experience thanks to this innovation, which has received praise. Bumble has added options for forming friendships and networking in addition to its dating section. Bumble has thus developed into a diverse platform that serves a variety of people. Bumble has swiftly emerged as a go-to app for those wishing to connect with others meaningfully thanks to its slick design and simple navigation. Bumble has something to offer whether you're looking for romance, friendship, or a new professional connection. The two ways to make a Bumble account is through Facebook or phone number.

Why should I not use my email for Bumble?

Although you can create a Bumble account using your Facebook account, you should be aware that doing so may compromise your privacy. Listed below are a few reasons why using Facebook with Bumble might not be a good idea:

  1. Privacy issues: By using your Facebook account to sign up for Bumble, you essentially give Bumble access to all of your Facebook data. Your name, profile photo, age, gender, and any other details you've made public on Facebook are all included in this. If your privacy is important to you, this may worry you.
  2. Security risks: When you give your personal information to any online business, there is always a chance of hacking or data breaches. The same security dangers that Bumble poses to your Facebook account also apply if you register for Bumble using Facebook.
  3. Your Facebook page is easily accessed by Bumble when you sign up for the dating app using that platform, giving you very little control over your profile. This means that the information that appears on your Bumble profile is subject to some limitations on your part. For instance, if you alter your Facebook profile picture, Bumble will immediately update to reflect the change, which could be problematic if you don't want your Bumble matches to have access to all of your Facebook pictures.

In summary, while it's convenient to sign up for Bumble using Facebook, it's important to weigh the potential privacy and security risks before doing so. If you're concerned about your privacy, you might want to consider signing up for Bumble using your phone number instead.


Why should I not use my phone number for Bumble?

There are a few reasons why you might want to avoid using your phone number when signing up for Bumble:

  1. Privacy: When you register for Bumble using your phone number, your name and location may be associated with that number. Marketers and other third-party businesses may use this information to specifically target you with advertisements or offers.
  2. Security: If you register for Bumble using your phone number, hackers may use it to access your account, steal your personal data, or commit fraud.
  3. Unwanted Contacts: If you register for Bumble with your phone number, the app might access your contacts and make recommendations for new users based on that data. Some people might prefer to keep their phone numbers and dating profiles separate.

For better privacy and security, it is generally advised to sign up for Bumble using a virtual phone number. Thankfully SMSPool is here to help!


Step-by-step tutorial on how to create a Bumble account:

Here's a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a Bumble account:

  1. Download the Bumble app: The first step is to download the Bumble app on your mobile device. You can download it from the App Store for iPhone users or from the Google Play Store for Android users.
  2. Open the app: Once the app is installed, open it and tap on "Create Account" to start the sign-up process.
  3. Choose your sign-up method: Bumble offers two sign-up options: Facebook or phone number. If you choose to sign up with Facebook, Bumble will automatically pull in your Facebook information, including your name, age, profile picture, and other details. If you prefer to sign up with your phone number, you'll need to enter your phone number and verify it with a code that Bumble sends you.

Getting a phone number for Bumble.

  1. Go to SMSPool.com make an account and locate the �Order� button under the �Main� category in the menu on the left hand side.

  1. The left table is where you order your phone number. Select your desired phone number location, for the tutorial we will be using a UK number. After this, underneath �Stock�, look up Bumble. After selecting both, click �Quick Purchase� at the bottom.

  1. After ordering your number, it should pop up under �Pending SMS�

  1. Enter the phone number on Bumble and click the next button.

  1. After clicking the �Send code� button, it should prompt you to enter a verification code. Looking back to SMSPool, the status of the order should say �Completed� and under �Code� the verification code for Bumble should be there.

  1. Enter the verification code on Bumble, and click next. That should be it! 

4. Create your profile: Regardless of which sign-up option you choose, you'll need to create a profile by adding photos and writing a bio. Bumble allows you to add up to six photos, so choose your best ones! Set your preferences, and off you go! 

That's it! You've successfully created a Bumble account and are ready to start swiping and matching with potential dates.

Why didn�t I receive a Bumble SMS verification?

  • If your device/IP is reported for creating too many accounts, try another device or IP.
  • For spam, either the IP or you have been ghost banned.
  • The phone number is unrelated to where you live; for instance, a Russian phone number has a lower likelihood of working in the US than a US phone number.

In Conclusion

Although using Facebook to join up for Bumble is convenient, it's vital to consider the privacy and security implications first. Nevertheless, if you sign up for Bumble with your phone number, your identity and location might be connected to that number, and your phone number might be used by hackers to conduct fraud. Thus, it is often recommended to register for Bumble using a virtual phone number offered by third-party services like SMSPool to improve privacy and security. You are given a step-by-step tutorial to help you with the Bumble account creation procedure.

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