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How to get a discounted Freenow ride

  • By Admin

Did you know Mytaxi was the initial brand name, which was later changed to Freenow? Freenow offers an app platform for booking taxis and private vehicles, offering a convenient and efficient way to arrange transportation. As for the mode of payment, you don't need cash; you can pay directly online; that's just how flexible Freenow is. The benefit of using Freenow is it's easy to use and book a ride. In some countries, people may call for a ride directly instead of booking online, but waiting for a ride to come by is just a waste of time. 

A phone number is needed to create a Freenow account. I know some people won't freely share their numbers online, so SMSPool offers Freenow SMS verification for as little as $0.24, without needing to use your phone number! But how? 

Follow the Tutorial closely so we can have your Freenow account verified using the steps below:

What you need to register a Freenow account:

Go to Play Store/AppStore

  • Once you are on the Play Store, search "Freenow"
  • The Logo app should look like this as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Now Click Install.

Fill in your phone number

  • Do you have your phone number ready? because you're gonna need it to verify Freenow account. if you are not, then let's use a phone number for Freenow using SMSPool.
  • You can't proceed if you don't have a phone number or are hesitant to share it.
  • To protect your identity online, use SMSPool for a more secure in creating an account!

  • Let's proceed by heading to your SMSPool account
  • If you see a logo with a telephone icon and the name [Order], click on that one.

How to order a paid SMS verification code

  • Make sure to select the country where you're currently in.
  • the service must be [Freenow] and not any other service.
  • Then click purchase.

  • The phone number needed to verify the Freenow account is shown below. Note that the screenshots are only set as an example.
  • Copy the phone number and paste it where FreeNow prompts you to enter it.

Verify your phone number

  • if you did not use your phone number and used our Freenow SMS verification service, the code will be sent to your SMSPool Order page.
  • The code is under the "Code" tab as shown in the screenshot below. Copy the 4-digit code.




Paste the code into the FreeNow app.

  • Paste the 4-digit code into the Freenow app

Complete your profile

  • Make sure you complete filling out your name and email address.

Let Freenow know your location

  • Take it easy; Freenow only needs to know your location when picking you up. Make sure you set your location correctly.

Select your preferred payment methods

  • Select your payment method.

Book your trip now!

  • To book your trip, click on the Icon [book now] and fill in the details of where you want to go.

  • Congratulations, you are now done creating a Freenow account without using your phone number.

How to use a Freenow promo code

As of writing we used the freenow promo code: “TAXI24” in order to get a discounted FreeNow ride.

  • On your home page, click the profile icon at the top right.

  • Once you've clicked the profile icon, scroll down and click the “add promo code”

  • Now, you may add your promo code.

  • Done! you have now entered your promo code. and may very well use the Freenow app with a discounted offer!

Did you not receive your code?

 If you have a problem receiving your code from SMSPool, let's solve that issue using the list I provided below. Make sure to follow the steps closely.

  • Please double-check your data or Wi-Fi connection; consider performing a speed test.
  • Do not exit your device's SMSPool site or app; otherwise, some issues might occur.
  • Make sure you have selected the country you're in, or use a VPN to match the country of the phone number.
  • Do not create too many accounts; you will be flagged.
  • Make sure to download the FreeNow app from official sources; apps from unofficial sources may contain modifications.

If the issue persists, open a ticket from your SMSPool account. Don't worry! We are quick to respond to your inquiries, no matter what.

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