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How to get a UberEats SMS verification

  • By Admin

So you just got home from late-night work and need a meal, and you are hungry and want to eat, but you are too tired to cook or do anything. Luckily, UberEats is the choice for you! UberEats is a company striving to be the best, helping citizens across 10,000 cities. With just a download and a click of a few buttons, you can have a meal sent directly to your house in under 30 minutes, from almost any restaurant you need, all of this for usually 40-50% of the price with all the promotions they have been doing!

What Is UberEats?

Uber Eats is a startup company launched in 2014, providing customers with foods from around the nation. Users of the app can look at menus, orders, reviews, ratings, and much more. UberEats is commonly used throughout the US as an everyday way of meals, snacks, drinks, and way more. If you are aware of the app, you may have heard about the promotions, otherwise known as “promos”, they offer in the app after purchase. These promotion codes only work inside the UberEats app, which you can find on the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store, making it a valuable app to hundreds of thousands of people across the United States. But why are these promotions so important you wonder?

Using UberEats promotions can save you a LOT of money

You can make multiple accounts to take action on the discounts UberEats lets you use, raining food on you for life. There are almost 20 working promotion codes for UberEats, even some taking up to 50% off your order! We recommend using US25WELCOME, taking $25 off your order. But, before you go try it, you must know that your phone number is only limited to 1 account, and you can only use 1 promotion code per account. This is to prevent users from abusing this well-known promotion feature. Luckily here at SMSPool, we found a way around it. Keep on reading and you’ll love us.

How can I get an SMS verification for UberEats?

Here at SMSPool, we can provide you with a temporary phone number for your everyday SMS verification (also known as SMS activation). With SMS verification codes sent in almost seconds, without even needing to have to use your own phone number, we are the perfect choice for you, and even your friends or family. Want to join the hundreds of others taking advantage of this flaw in UberEats? Read here on how to sign up. After doing this, you can use our service to start saving on your food purchases finally. 

Will I get in trouble for using UberEats promotions?

No, using promotion codes is absolutely legal. Although UberEats might blacklist your address if you do it too often. But either way, neither you nor the driver will ever get in trouble for this.

Why am I unable to create an UberEats account?

Sometimes registering a Uber account does not always go well, this is due to Uber fingerprinting your past accounts to see if you have made multiple accounts before, in order to evade this there are multiple methods that can be used based on the circumstance.

Unable to create an account

This can be caused by a bad IP, it means your IP has been flagged. For this, I would suggest you go into incognito, or wipe your cookies and try again with a VPN that matches the country of the phone number you're ordering from. For example, you have to use a US VPN with a US phone number. 

Account already in use / welcome back

Press Not You and sometimes it'll let you register again, if not; feel free to contact support in order to get a replacement.

Cannot use the promo code with this order

This means your session is flagged, try changing your user agent or changing your browser and try again, it usually helps in a combination with a VPN.

Don't know what VPN to use? We sell our own line of residential proxies that would perfectly fit this use case, Click here to get redirected to our proxy site. If you don't have a VPN or can't buy one, you can also use your mobile data and a hotspot for it to work.

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