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Why should I choose SMSPool

  • By Admin

Why should I use you for my SMS verifications?

It's simple, sometimes a site isn't careful enough with your data, or they decide to sell your data to a third party, where no one knows what they'll do with your precious data.
Have you ever wondered why you sometimes receive those extremely spammy SMSes that either make absolutely no sense or are attempting to scam you?

How did a spam caller get my phone number?

That means you're a victim of service that either didn't secure their website well enough and managed to get hacked or sold your data to advertising companies for them to abuse.
We want to prevent this, that's why we started SMSPool. In a service where you are in control of who gets access to your data, no one should be allowed to touch your data
for third-party usage without you knowing.

What should I do?

Through our site, you get the ability to request a temporary one-time usage phone number that isn't connected to you in any way so you can keep the data sellers and advertisers away. Not only do we offer cheap one-time usage phone numbers, but we also offer monthly rentals.

Why should I choose you for my privacy?

As the world's leading SMS activation service provider, we provide the best quality SMS activation service. When a customer needs a verification code, our receiving speed has always been the most suitable. We take your privacy and secrecy seriously and ensure you have a satisfying experience with our service!

You can get a one-time usage phone number in four easy steps.

1. Register or login into an account

You can register an account here or login here

2. Deposit the balance to your account

You can deposit money here; I'd suggest you deposit at least 5 dollars as it'll cover any number you need. You can check for the exact pricing in step 4

3. Head over to the order dashboard

Head over to the order dashboard located here; you can place your order here.

4. Place your order

Please select the service you're using, for example, Tinder. Then select your country & the service Tinder. Then press "buy" for your temporary one-time-use number.

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