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How to Get Amazon SMS Verification

  • By Admin

Amazon, a global e-commerce giant, has transformed the way people shop and conduct business online. Established by Jeff Bezos in 1994, Amazon started as an online bookstore before evolving into a comprehensive marketplace offering a vast array of products and services. With a mission to be the "Earth's most customer-centric company," Amazon has become a one-stop destination for consumers seeking everything from books and electronics to household goods and beyond.


Through Amazon's user-friendly platform, individuals can not only purchase products but also sell their own items, contributing to the expansive network of third-party sellers. The platform has redefined the retail landscape by providing customers with a convenient, efficient, and diverse shopping experience. With features like Amazon Prime, subscribers enjoy benefits such as fast shipping, exclusive deals, and access to streaming services like Prime Video.


Why should I not use my phone number for Amazon?

There are several reasons why some individuals choose not to use their own phone number when signing up with Amazon, and these reasons often revolve around privacy, security, and personal preference. Here are some considerations:

Privacy Concerns:


  • Using your own phone number may expose you to unwanted marketing messages, promotional calls, or other communications from Amazon. Some users prefer to keep their personal phone number private to avoid potential spam.

Security and Verification:


  • In some cases, using a personal phone number may pose security risks, especially if the number has been associated with other online accounts. Using a dedicated or secondary phone number can add an extra layer of security by reducing the risk of unauthorized access or potential hacking attempts.

Anonymity and Pseudonymity:


  • Some users prefer to maintain a level of anonymity or pseudonymity when interacting online. Using an alternative phone number allows individuals to create an account without directly linking it to their personal identity.

Why should you rather use a temporary virtual phone number for Amazon?

Using a temporary virtual phone number offers several advantages, making it a practical choice in various scenarios. Here are compelling reasons to consider using a temporary virtual phone number:

Privacy Protection:


  • Safeguard personal information and reduce the risk of unwanted spam.

Security Enhancement:


  • Add an extra layer of security to online interactions, minimizing hacking attempts.

Anonymity and Pseudonymity:


  • Maintain online anonymity or pseudonymity without revealing your identity.

Managing Multiple Accounts:


  • Keep distinct online profiles organized for various engagements.

Short-Term Transactions:


  • Practical for one-time transactions, avoiding long-term commitments.

Avoiding Unwanted Communication:


  • Create a dedicated channel, discard after use, and prevent ongoing communication.

Regional Flexibility:


  • Access services internationally without geographical limitations.

Here is exactly how to get a temporary virtual number through SMSPool for Amazon SMS verification:

1. Go to Amazon.com and click on "Hello, Sign In". It will display a drop-down message, click on "Start Here" if you are creating a new account.

*Make sure your country of delivery is set to the same country you intend to purchase a phone number for.


2. Go to https://www.smspool.net/


3. Click on “Register now”

4. Once registered, you will be on the SMSPool platform, on the “Dashboard page”

5. Click on “Order”

6. Scroll down, until you see “Configure order”.

7. In the “Country” bar, select the country you want to buy a phone number for. In this example, we are using the United Kingdom

8. Now you want to look for the "Service" tab. Click on it and select Amazon. 

9. Click on "Quick Purchase"


You are done!

On the right side of your screen, you will see your new phone number pop up under “Pending SMS”


Enter this phone number into the correct tab on the Amazon sign-up page and click “Continue” 



In the "Status" column next to your new number on the SMSPool Dashboard, it will show as "Completed". Right next to your number, in the "Code" column, your OTP will appear.  

Enter your OTP, complete you sign-up and have fun!




Why didn’t I receive an Amazon SMS verification?

Unsupported Number Type:


Amazon may not support certain virtual phone numbers or VoIP numbers for SMS verification. Ensure that you are using a valid and recognized virtual phone number.

SMS Delivery Issues:

Virtual phone numbers might experience delays or issues with SMS delivery. Consider trying the verification with a different virtual number.

Geographical Restrictions:

The phone number is unrelated to where you live; for instance, a Russian phone number has a lower likelihood of working in the US than a US phone number.



In summary, Amazon, founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, has revolutionized global e-commerce, offering a diverse range of products and services through its user-friendly platform. When signing up on Amazon, some users opt not to use their personal phone number due to privacy and security concerns, choosing instead to utilize a temporary virtual phone number.


Obtaining a temporary virtual number through SMSPool for Amazon verification is a straightforward process. However, users should be mindful of potential challenges, such as Amazon's support limitations for certain virtual numbers, SMS delivery issues, and geographical restrictions. By understanding these factors, individuals can navigate the registration process effectively, prioritizing privacy and security while enjoying the convenience of Amazon's vast marketplace.


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