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How to get a Lyft SMS verification

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What is Lyft?


Lyft is a ride-hailing company that provides a platform for individuals to request on-demand transportation services via a mobile application. Logan Green and John Zimmer started the business in 2012 as a less expensive, more neighbourhood-focused substitute for standard taxi services. Using the Lyft app, users may hail a ride from nearby drivers who will take them where they need to go in their cars. The software also enables users to pay for the ride, assess the driver's performance, and track the driver's location and expected arrival time. Since its creation, Lyft has grown its offerings to include bike- and scooter-sharing programmes in a few cities, and it has established itself as a prominent player in the ride-hailing market, going up against firms like Uber.


Why should I not use my phone number for Lyft?

Although it is generally safe to use your phone number to join up with Lyft, there are a few factors that may influence a person's decision:

  1. Privacy: By entering your phone number to sign up for Lyft, you give the firm access to your personal phone number. Those who are worried about telemarketing or spam calls may wish to keep their phone number a secret.
  2. Security: If the wrong people obtain your phone number, they might use it fraudulently or for nefarious activities like identity theft. Although Lyft makes precautions to safeguard customer information, there is always a chance of security issues or data leaks.
  3. Verification issues: Technical problems or faults could occasionally prevent Lyft from successfully confirming your phone number. Users may experience delays or issues utilising the app as a result, which can be annoying.

You can open a Lyft account without providing your phone number by using the verification services offered by SMSPool.


Step-by-step tutorial on how to create a Lyft account:

Sure, here is a step-by-step tutorial on how to create a Lyft account:

  1. Download the Lyft app: Go to the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android) on your smartphone or tablet, search for "Lyft" and download the app.
  2. Open the Lyft app: Once the app is downloaded, open it from your home screen or app drawer.
  3. Sign up: On the Lyft app's main screen, tap the "Sign up" button. You'll then be prompted to enter your phone number or email address.
  4. Verify your phone number: Lyft will send a verification code to your phone number. Enter the code into the app to verify your account.


You can get a free Lyft SMS verification from SMSPool. The paid phone numbers work the best. If you don't know how to get a paid phone number; please read our guide on how to get a paid SMS verification below.



Getting a phone number for Lyft.

  1. Go to SMSPool.com make an account and locate the ‘Order’ button under the ‘Main’ category in the menu on the left hand side.

  1. The left table is where you order your phone number. Select your desired phone number location, for the tutorial we will be using a UK number. After this, underneath ‘Stock’, look up Lyft. After selecting both, click ‘Quick Purchase’ at the bottom.

  1. After ordering your number, it should pop up under ‘Pending SMS’

  1. Enter the phone number on Lyft and click the send code.

  1. After clicking the ‘Send code’ button, it should prompt you to enter a verification code. Looking back to SMSPool, the status of the order should say ‘Completed’ and under ‘Code’ the verification code for Lyft should be there.

  1. Enter the verification code on Lyft, and click next. That should be it!


  1. Enter your personal information: After verifying your phone number or email, you'll be asked to enter your personal information, including your name, profile photo, and payment information (such as a credit or debit card).
  2. Set up your ride preferences: On the next screen, you'll be asked to set up your ride preferences, including your default pickup location and ride type.
  3. Accept the terms and conditions: Before you can start using Lyft, you'll need to accept the company's terms and conditions.
  4. Start using Lyft: Once your account is set up, you can start using Lyft to request rides. Simply enter your pickup location and destination, and Lyft will match you with a nearby driver. You can also use the app to track your driver's progress and estimated time of arrival, pay for your ride, and rate your driver's performance.

That's it! You now have a Lyft account and can start using the app to request rides whenever you need them.



Why didn’t I receive an SMS verification?

  • If your device/IP is reported for creating too many accounts, try another device or IP.
  • For spam, either the IP or you have been ghost banned.
  • The phone number is unrelated to where you live; for instance, a Russian phone number has a lower likelihood of working in the US than a US phone number.


To conclude

In conclusion, Lyft is a well-known ride-hailing service that enables customers to use a smartphone app to request trips from nearby drivers. Although using your phone number to sign up for Lyft is generally safe, some users might choose to utilise an alternative verification method owing to privacy, security, or verification concerns. Services for SMS verification, like SMSpool, can help with this. A one-time code given to the user's phone via SMSpool's dependable and secure SMS verification service can be used to validate an account. You may benefit from the ease of quick and simple verification with SMSpool without risking your privacy or security. Those who value their privacy and security should use SMSpool to verify their Lyft accounts. You may feel easy knowing that SMSpool will protect your personal information while you take advantage of Lyft's ride-hailing services. Therefore, why not give SMSpool a try right now and enjoy the security that comes with knowing that your personal information is safe?


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