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How to reuse a phone number on SMSPool

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To use the resend option, your temporary phone number must have already received an SMS verification. The phone number should be shown under “Pending SMS” on the SMSPool order page, in case you have already archived your phone number; you can unarchive it through your history page; remember that only Completed orders can be resent.

You can either use the video tutorial above or the text-based tutorial below.

How to resend SMS verifications on SMSPool.

  1. Find an order you'd like to resend
    Click the “Resend” button on the number you wish to resend a code; the button is shown on the order page under “Pending SMS.”
  2. Submit the order for a resend
    If the previous step succeeded, you should see a big green box that says, “Your number has been requested again!”. 
  3. Request a new code

After completing the steps above, go to the website you are using; in my case, it would be the website known as OpenAI. 
You can see in the screenshot below there is a “Resend code” button; click the button and wait for the SMS verification code to arrive.
Once you have resent the code on the site you’re using, go back to SMSPool and wait for the code to arrive; if it was successful, enter the code on the site you’re using.

Resends FAQ

Are resends guaranteed?

Resends are not always guaranteed.

How long do I have access to the phone number?

You can usually only receive codes within 15 minutes of purchasing the phone number; although this is not always the case, it can be up to 5 days, depending on the pool.

Can I get a phone number for longer?

Yes, you can; we would recommend our rental numbers if the account is of any importance; this way, you can receive codes to that number for up to 30 days without losing access to the phone number.

Are the temporary numbers disposed of?

Our suppliers eventually dispose of temporary numbers, making it impossible for us to recover the number for you.

How much do resends cost?

Resends are typically free; if not, the site will let you know you will be charged.

Why does it tell me to wait an X amount of seconds?

We only have a limited amount of channels available for a set of phone numbers. This could mean someone else occupies the channel, and the timer tells you when their order is completed. In most cases, the order completes earlier than the timer, but we recommend resending after the timer is complete.

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