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Tips for getting your SMS verifications

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Why am I not getting my SMS verification?

I am writing this article because there are many common questions about why some people are not getting an SMS verification. There could be many reasons for not receiving an SMS verification, but I will explain the most common reasons and how to solve them in this article. I hope this article provides more insight into SMS verification. If you're still not receiving any SMS, we suggest contacting SMSPool support for more personalized assistance.

A banned IP, most commonly caused by VPNs

Many services ban IPs and disallow VPNs on their platform. They wouldn't tell you directly whether your IP is banned or not. It is tough to know whether your IP is banned; usually, when an IP is banned, they do not send any SMSes, but the first thing I would try is to switch your IP to either completely disabling your VPN or getting a residential IP or VPN.

How do I change my IP without an VPN?

You can change your IP by turning on mobile data; we always recommend using your mobile data for registration.

How do I get a new IP using mobile data?

To get a new IP, please turn on airplane mode for at least 10 seconds and disable it. This will make your mobile carrier connect again and assign you a new IP.

A banned device

Many services also ban your device; this usually happens to mobile services such as Tinder or dating apps. A device ban means that your device (mobile phone, for example) has been banned, and you cannot register any more accounts. Being a device banned can usually be fixed by using an emulator instead or a browser if the app supports it. 

Invalid country

Some services also will not allow you to receive an SMS verification if the rented number is not located in the location of your IP. For example, if your IP is in the United Kingdom, it is recommended that you use a phone number located in the United Kingdom. If this still does not work, I recommend using the US instead.

Banned e-mail domain

Services tend to ban certain e-mail domains, usually for temporary e-mail domains. That's why we always recommend you use an established e-mail provider such as Google or Protonmail.

I hope this article has informed you how to maximize the potential of your SMS verifications; if you still cannot receive an SMS activation, we wholeheartedly welcome you to contact our support as we are always ready to help.

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