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How to create an Instacart account

  • By Admin

Instacart is a popular online grocery delivery and pick-up service that allows users to order groceries from participating local stores via its website or mobile app. The platform collaborates with various local supermarkets and specialty stores to deliver groceries and other items directly to customers' doors, often within the same day. So how does this relate to SMSPool? SMSPool offers an additional layer of security by providing temporary phone numbers for receiving verification codes during the sign-up process, enhancing privacy, and protecting personal information. let's find out how to create an Instacart account!

How do I create an Instacart Account?

Creating an Instacart account is easy! you just need to follow these steps:

What you need:

  • A phone with at least 250MB of space
  • Data or wifi to download the app or directly shop on their website

Go to Play Store/Appstore or Website

 Search Instacart on Play Store and click Install as shown in the screenshot below.

Sign up.

Now, once you've finished installing the app, open it and sign up using one of the following options:

You just need to click any of those, and we're almost done!

Did you opt to provide your phone number for Instacart but feel uneasy about sharing your personal number? SMSPool is here to help. With just one click and a small deposit of $0.24 into your SMSPool account, you can obtain a one-time verification code for Instacart! Here are some tips on how to get your SMS verifications effectively.

Receive your SMS code

To verify your Instacart account, the screenshot below shows an example of the 6-digit code that Instacart requires you to enter.

If you did use your personal number copy the 6-digit code that was sent to your number, copy and paste it into the Instacart app. Did not receive your code yet? feel free to use SMSPool for the Instacart verification code. if you did use SMSPool for verification, the code will be sent to your SMSPool Order SMS page. The screenshot below is an example of ordering a one-time Instacart SMS verification code and receiving the code from SMSPool.

The 2 screenshots below display your order process of a one-time verification code from SMSPool

First screenshot example:

As shown in the screenshot below, you'll see the code indicating that you are waiting to receive a code from the Instacart app.

Second screenshot example:

On the second screenshot, you'll see the code indicating that you have received a code from the Instacart app.

Done filling in the code? that's great and that was it! simple right? creating an Instacart account is easy peasy. With a verification code from SMSPool, receiving codes has never been this easy!

Need help using the Instacart app?

You can follow the guide below on how to use the Instacart app with simple steps!

Select a store

Firstly, list all the items you need to buy. Once that is done, select a store near you and choose the items you have listed. The delivery time varies depending on how many items you want to buy online and the distance from the store from which you ordered the products. the screenshot below are the stores that can be selected and many more.

Select the products

Once you have selected a store near you, choose the products and add them to your cart. Refer to the screenshot below for an example.

Once you're done selecting the product, click on the small icon that resembles a cart at the top right of your screen.

Check out.

After clicking the cart icon, click on "Go to Checkout." The screenshots below are provided as examples only. 

Fill in your contact details.

In the screenshot provided below, fill in the necessary details such as your address, delivery time, instructions, contact number, and preferred payment method.

Done! Was that too easy? That's great! Enjoy your order and have a great time. Are you having trouble, perhaps? Hasn't the SMS code been received yet? I have a list of solutions to help solve that problem. 

Having trouble receiving your SMS Verification code?

  • If you are using your desktop to register an Instacart account and did not receive your SMS verification code; try using your phone.
  • Your device has been flagged for creating too many accounts.
  • You downloaded the Instacart app from unofficial sources, make sure you followed the steps and have downloaded it from the trusted Playstore/AppStore.
  • Make sure the number you entered is correct; you may have put it in incorrectly.
  • Make sure you have a strong signal in your current area for the code to be received or use SMSPool for a one-time verification code.

If the problem persists, our team is always available to help solve your issue. You can open a ticket with our support team for further assistance.

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