What is SMSPool and what do they do

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What is SMSPool exactly?

SMSPool is a temporary SMS provider that provides you with temporary phone numbers for lesser trusted websites or people who have no interest in owning a sim card. Using our numbers, you can have an extra layer to hide your identity and prevent spammy calls or any possibility of ending up in a spam list. We make sure to protect your identity with the bare minimum logs and information that has to be registered, and we make sure that information that could potentially connect to you (for example, emails) is not required to fill in and is merely optional. 

How does SMSPool work?

We do the hard work for you. We operate in our small data center that provides you access to phone numbers over the whole world that you can order through our SMS verification service. As it's more efficient to sell separately per service, we offer multiple services for one phone number. This means that you could use one phone number to verify both Google and Discord for two separate customers, but we would never sell a service twice to a different customer. This means only you will have access to your one-time phone number in our system and nobody else. In rare scenarios, it could be possible that our provider resets the phone number themselves and allocates it to a different person. This is out of our control, and for this reason, I suggest a rental that is 100% in your control, as some phone numbers get reset because of inactivity. By renting a phone number, the sim card will never be reset because of inactivity and will be yours as long as you rent it.

How do you obtain all these phone numbers?

We use a physical modem slotted with sim cards that can be used to receive your SMS; we use different suppliers that provide us with sim cards. Although not just anyone can be our supplier, our suppliers are carefully vetted and made sure that they won't do anything that could affect your usage of the sim cards. By renting out other people their modems and sim cards, we're able to have such a large supply. We guarantee that the phone numbers retrieved for our service are not through any illegal means such as botnets, fraudulent app activity, or anything that could make it illegal.

That sounds great. Where can I get started?

After registering an account, we suggest you read our article for tips and tricks. After that, you can get started with your first deposit and then head to either our order page to order a one-time SMS verification or our rental page if you need a longer-term solution.

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