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How to get a Deliveroo SMS verification

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In the vibrant landscape of online food delivery, Deliveroo has been a transformative force, shaping the way individuals experience culinary delights since its inception in 2013. Revolutionizing the food industry, Deliveroo not only delivers meals but curates a diverse selection of cuisines, conveniently bringing an array of culinary experiences to doorsteps globally. With a commitment to providing unparalleled convenience, Deliveroo stands as a beacon in the evolving world of online gastronomy.

Why Should You Prioritize your Deliveroo Account Security?

In an age where the digital intertwines with the gastronomic, the importance of securing your Deliveroo account cannot be overstated. Users venturing into the world of online food delivery are tasked with a critical decision: whether to share their personal phone numbers. 

Safeguarding this information transcends mere account security; it's a strategic choice aimed at preserving user privacy and ensuring a seamless, secure, and delightful culinary journey.

Privacy Concerns:

The act of sharing a personal phone number may open the floodgates to unwanted marketing or promotional messages. In an era that champions privacy, many users opt to shield their phone numbers, creating a personal space untouched by incessant marketing.

Security and Verification:

The use of a personal phone number in online transactions poses security risks, particularly if the number is intertwined with other digital accounts. By opting for dedicated or secondary phone numbers, users introduce an additional layer of security, mitigating unauthorized access and potential hacking attempts.

Anonymity and Pseudonymity:

For users who value online anonymity, providing an alternative phone number allows the creation of a Deliveroo account without a direct link to their personal identity, fostering a sense of pseudonymity.

Temporary Virtual Phone Numbers for Deliveroo SMS Verification

In navigating the complex terrain of online security, embracing a temporary virtual phone number emerges as a practical solution, offering advantages across various scenarios. Let's delve into the reasons for considering the use of a temporary virtual phone number tailor-made for Deliveroo:

Privacy Protection:

Proactively leveraging a temporary virtual phone number serves as a bulwark, safeguarding personal information, and reducing the risk of unwanted spam. It becomes a proactive measure in preserving user privacy.

Security Enhancement:

The seamless integration of a temporary virtual phone number introduces an extra layer of security, minimizing hacking attempts, and fortifying the user's digital defense mechanisms.

Anonymity and Pseudonymity:

Strategically using a temporary virtual phone number allows individuals to maintain online anonymity without compromising their core identity.

Managing Multiple Accounts:

For users immersed in various online activities, the strategic use of temporary virtual phone numbers facilitates efficient account management, streamlining the digital experience.

Ideal for Short-Term Transactions:

Tailored for one-time transactions, temporary virtual phone numbers offer a streamlined solution without the commitment of a long-term association. This aligns seamlessly with the evolving dynamics of the modern digital landscape.

Avoiding Unwanted Communication:

Establishing a dedicated communication channel that can be discarded after use prevents prolonged communication, giving users control over their digital interactions.

Regional Flexibility:

Given Deliveroo's international footprint, regional flexibility is paramount. Temporary virtual phone numbers facilitate global access, unshackling users from geographical constraints and adding flexibility to online culinary transactions.

How to get a temporary virtual number through SMSPool to verify Deliveroo account:

1. Go to deliveroo.co.uk and click on "Sign up of log in" in the top right corner. 


It will take you to a new page where you will need to complete a ReCaptcha form. (It is very quick)


Then, you will need to enter your email address:


After you have entered your email address, it is time to enter the phone number you are about to purchase:



2. Now, go to https://www.smspool.net/

3. Click on “Register now”


4. Once registered, you will be on the SMSPool platform, on the “Dashboard page”


5. Click on “Order”


6. Scroll down, until you see “Configure order”.


7. In the “Country” bar, select the country you want to buy a phone number for. In this example, we are using the United Kingdom:


8. Now you want to look for the "Service" tab. Click on it and select Deliveroo. 


9. Click on "Quick Purchase"


You are done!

On the right side of your screen, you will see your new phone number pop up under “Pending SMS”


Enter this phone number into the correct tab on the Deliveroo sign-up page and click “Send verification code” 


The OTP has already been requested.

In the "Status" column next to your new number on the SMSPool Dashboard, it will show as "Completed". Right next to your number, in the "Code" column, your OTP will appear.  


Enter your OTP, complete your sign-up, and have fun!

Challenges That May Arise With Deliveroo SMS Verification

Even within the realm of virtual phone numbers, challenges might arise, hindering a smooth Deliveroo SMS verification process. Awareness of these challenges is crucial for users:

Unsupported Number Type:

Deliveroo may not support specific virtual phone numbers or VoIP numbers for SMS verification. Ensuring a valid virtual phone number is imperative for a seamless verification process. With SMSPool we guarantee that real phone numbers are provided.

SMS Delivery Challenges:

The efficiency of virtual phone numbers may encounter delays or issues with SMS delivery. Users can address potential delivery issues by attempting verification with different virtual numbers.

Geographical Restrictions:

Geographical restrictions can influence the effectiveness of the phone number in the verification process. Confirming that the virtual number aligns with Deliveroo's verification requirements ensures a seamless experience.

For any technical challenges not explicitly covered in this blog, users are encouraged to explore Deliveroo's support resources.


Flagged account, IP, or device:

After being unable to receive an SMS at least twice in a row, we recommend changing your IP or device and restarting the whole registration process again. Either a VPN or using mobile data instead of your home connection can greatly assist this.

In order to change your mobile data IP, you must ensure that you enable airplane mode for at least 10 seconds, and then turn it off.


Flagged e-mail domain:


Sometimes, e-mail domains get flagged; this is why we recommend using a trusted e-mail provider such as Google for your account registrations.


In summary, Deliveroo, on its transformative journey since 2013, has redefined how individuals experience food delivery, offering a diverse and convenient array of culinary delights. As users prioritize the security of their Deliveroo accounts, exploring alternative options for phone verification, specifically through the utilization of temporary virtual phone numbers, becomes a strategic imperative.


Acquiring a temporary virtual number for Deliveroo verification via services like SMSPool unfolds as a straightforward process. Users are reminded to remain vigilant about potential challenges, including Deliveroo's support limitations for specific virtual numbers, SMS delivery issues, and geographical restrictions. This comprehensive understanding empowers individuals to navigate the Deliveroo registration process effectively, striking a harmonious balance between privacy, security, and the delightful convenience of enjoying diverse culinary offerings available on the platform.

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