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How to bid on a phone number

  • By Admin

We recently implemented a new system that allows you to bid on phone numbers. During surge requests, we set the price based on customer demand. The issue was that, at some point, the demand would drop a bit, meaning that the price set was not relevant anymore. In case you prefer a video tutorial; please have a look at the video below.


With the new system, we plan to remove such price surges and keep our base price stable at all times while letting customers bid on numbers that are higher in demand. This will make it easier for people to get numbers on demand without repeating the same purchase to get a phone number constantly. 

How do I set a bid?

In our panel, we refer bids to preorders because our system will automatically retrieve the phone number for you when it's available at the requested price. This means you can set a bid and wait until it allocates you a phone number based on the bidding price without checking if there's stock. This is great for high-demand services such as Google Voice verifications, where stock runs out fast.

Getting started

  1. Head over to our Advanced Order page. This is currently not possible with Quick Orders, as it's an advanced feature to bid on phone numbers. 
  2. On the order page, please select the required service & country you are looking for.
  3. After finishing your selection, press the button next to “Advanced View”, and you should be greeted with multiple options. 
  4. You'll see the pool, stock, success rate, quantity, and bidding form. Fill those in with your desired amounts.
  5. Press on “Preorder”, and a screen will automatically pop up with the current preorder status.
  6. After the preorder is marked as complete, you should see the phone number directly on your dashboard.

Things to keep in mind

  1. You are not allowed to have more than 20 preorders open at the same time
  2. After 50 attempts to retrieve the number, your preorder will automatically be canceled and refunded
  3. You will be charged for a preorder with the cost you have set, although if you fail to use the number, you will be refunded the cost amount
  4. The system will automatically prioritize the highest bidder to receive the number first; this is checked in 3-second intervals to determine who the highest bidder is
  5. Bids cannot be lower than the service price; it at least has to be one cent higher

We hope that this system is a great benefit to you, the end user. 



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