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How to get a Tinder SMS verification

  • By Admin

I've made a quick video to teach you how to verify your Tinder in less than 2 minutes. If you prefer the text-based tutorial, feel free to continue reading!

Link to the video here; it takes less than ten steps to create an account on Tinder without using your phone number.

Tips and tricks for making a Tinder account

Make sure you have something like a mobile connection, for example, 4G. Using a 4G proxy will greatly help you with creating a Tinder account;

If you don't use 4G, you can instantly risk a ban. So it is recommended to use 4G or a residential proxy if necessary.

Requirements for making a Tinder account

Make sure to have balance topped up at SMSPool to create an account to get a verification code, an SMS verification for Tinder shouldn't cost more than $1.2

How to register a Tinder account

Head to the Tinder site and create a new account using a phone number, as we only provide SMS verifications on our service.

Registering a Tinder account

You will be required to fill in a phone number. Make sure you use a phone number that matches the location of your IP. After this, we'll get your Tinder SMS verification.

How to get a Tinder phone number

If you're in the US, select the US, head to SMSPool order page, and then select as service: Tinder and country: US (or the country you're in)

Make sure you select Tinder and not any other service, or else it will not work as the site only receives codes related to the selected service.

By selecting the country you are in at the moment, you will have a higher chance of receiving a code. If you still don't receive a code, select the US.

How to use the phone number to verify your Tinder account

Retrieve the phone number, fill it on the Tinder site, and wait for a verification code. You'll see this on the SMSPool site under the code tab

Finishing your Tinder account registration

After retrieving the code, fill it in, and you'll have to fill in an e-mail; fill that in using a real e-mail, and then you're done with your registration.

And now you're done! It's just that easy, in maybe less than 2 minutes!

Don't feel that comfortable paying yet? Feel free to test our free SMS verifications, but of course, our paid service would give you the maximum potential.

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